You may take comfort in knowing that with our CBCT technology, radiation exposure to the patient is only a tiny fraction compared to that of a regular medical CT scanner. This technology uses intermittent bursts of radiation only milliseconds long, not the constant radiation stream typical of many other imaging products.

The amount of radiation needed for one of our all-digital scans is about 70% less than a full-mouth set of dental x-rays, less than a standard dental panoramic x-ray, and equivalent to 2 days of background environmental exposure by living in the United States.

We are annually inspected and approved for radiation safety by the states of Wisconsin.

For those interested in very technical details, we offer this detailed dosage information sheet.

Our NewTom VG imaging equipment employs Safe Beam technology, which automatically adjusts the radiation dosage according to the patient’s age and size. Children, for example, receive up to 40% less radiation than adults during a typical scan.

NewTom’s Safe Beam image acquisition is the safest proven technology available today, for both patients and dental teams.